Past information 10/2002-6/2003
Mr. Joost van Acht, Dutch researcher visits our Head factory
Mr. Joost van acht, Dutch researcher visited our Head Factory June 27, 2003. He is a Master of Dutch University and was sent to Japan at the expense of the Government. Now, he is studying in Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University. His study theme is gSmall and middle companies in Japanh. He is so earnest that he is now acting as a member of a group of cross-sector business exchange. Our president Mr. Kato explained history and management strategy of NISSIN.
Mr. Kato show our products to Mr. Joost
Collaboration agreement reaches with NEU
Our president Mr. Kato visited NEU in Germany and signed collaboration agreement on developing CNC Tube Bender with NEU June 11, 2003. Germany is ahead in technology of using tube in car application such as hydro-forming. So, we decided to develop new applications of CNC Tube Bender near car manufacturers in Germany. Due to the agreement, NISSIN will send an engineer to NEU. In future, CNC Tube Benders to be sold in Europe will be manufactured by NEU with technical help from NISSIN.
Mr. Neu and Mr. Kato shake hands
Mr. Kato and Mr. Tachikwa with NEU members
Students of Tokyo Institute of Technology visit our head factory
8 students of the department of mechanical intelligence, Tokyo Institute of Technology visited our head factory to observe mold making factory guided by staffs of Ota City Industrial Promotion Organization in the afternoon on May 22, 2003. Ota City is earnest about collaboration between factories in Ota and the college. Ota city asked us to accept visit of students of the college who wished to observe mold making factory. After our president Mr. Kato explained company profile Mr. Muramatsu, manager of R&D guided them in the factory. Mr. Sekine, NPB dept. showed them our new CNC Tube Bender with 5 axis controll.
Students in our factory
Students of junior high school in Tokyo visit our head factory for company study
5 students of Komaba Junior High School in affiliation with University of Tsukuba visited our head factory to study our company having theme gFuture of small factory and changing Ota Cityh in the morning on May 22, 2003. Ota City is most famous as a place where a lot of small to mid-sized factories gather in Japan. They searched, by internet, factories which are most relevant to their theme and decided to visit us. After observing our factory, they asked many questions to our president Mr. Kato.
Students with President Mr. Kato
Students of junior high school from Akita pref. visit our head factory
25 students of Kosaka junior high school in Kosaka town, Kazuno, Akita pref visited our head factory to observe as an event taking one day during school excursion to Tokyo area April 18, 2003. Teacher who led them said that another group visited a large general construction company, the other visited a large publishing company and number of students who wished to visit NISSIN was the largest. They observed and studied our products such as mold for pressed parts, reflectors, CNC Tube Bender and etc, and seemed to have got interested in manufacturing. After leaving NISSIN, they went to Tokyo Tower.
With Mr. Ito
Students studying products
NISSIN exhibits samples of die & mold in The 14th INTERMOLD 2003
NISSIN exhibited strip-layout of Progressive Die, samples of Reflector, samples of tube bent with our CNC Tube Bender and so on in the 14th INTERMOLD which was held at Tokyo International Exhibition Center April 16 to 19 promoted by Japan Die & Mold Industry Association. NHK, the national broadcasting station visited our booth for reporting.
HK visited our booth
Our president gives a lecture on success case of collaboration at University of Electro-communications

Memorial Seminar was held at University of Electro-Communications March 20, 2003 commemorating 10 year anniversary of Cooperative Research Center. Mr. Haruhiko Ando, Fellow of Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry and Mr. Tetsuya Iizuka, President of Zein-electronics gave keynote lectures. And Mr. Kohei Yasuda, President of Campus Create Co., Ltd. reported about TLO business of the company. Lastly, Professor Makoto Murata and our President Mr. Tadao Kato gave a lecture on collaboration about developing NISSINfs CNC Tube Bender. Mr. Murata told about technical background of the machine. Mr. Kato told about application of the machine and meaning of collaboration among industry and university.
Our president, Mr. Kato gives a lecture
Presidents of small to mid-sized companies in Osaka visit our head factory
26 members of Osaka-fu Kogyou Kyokai visited our head factory guided by staffs of Ota City Industrial Promotion Organization December 12, 2002. They planned gVisiting tour to Only One Companies in Ota, Tokyoh. They visit healthy companies in Ota-ku for 2 days. After watching video of company profile and taking a lecture about management of NISSIN by Mr. Kato, our President, they observed the factory. Then, earnest question and answer continued for a long time reflecting hard economy.
Presidents from Osaka
NISSIN exhibits CNC Tube Bender in EuroBLECH 2002
NISSIN exhibited new model of our CNC Tube Bender in Euro-BLECH 2002, which was held in Hanover MESSE October 22 to 26, 2002. Smaller radius bending was enabled by the new model.
Euro-Blech 2002

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