Since the day of establishment in 1957,
Our passion for manufacturing never changes.
To meet your request with full might is NISSIN’s base.

History of having been continuing to enrich Die Manufacturing Technique

NISSIN started business as a precision pressing die manufacturer in Ohta city in Tokyo. We developed new technology that changed manufacturing die by hand to by machining and pioneered the use of cemented carbide as material of die. At first, we manufactured many dies for motor core. And then, paying attention to drawing work of motor case, we have been pursuing deep drawing technology in many materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and so on. High technique of drawing has much unquantified implicit knowledge. Know-how and data accumulation achieved by manufacturing more than 7,000 dies in total is our advantage surpassing the latest simulation software.
One stamp die for motor core manufactured by all grinding process in 1958One stamp die for motor core manufactured by all grinding process in 1958
Progressive die for motorr core  manufactured in early timesProgressive die for motorr core manufactured in early times
Now, we add “Deep drawing + α” process such as “YOROMEKI” processing (trimming die) and 360-degree horizontal punching used in transfer processing to precision progressive die. Recently we manufacture dies punching metallic foil or paper. We meet your needs from trial production to quantity one as tech-head. Please contact NISSIN about anything relevant to precision progressive die. We meet demand for transfer die.
Deep drawing by press workingDeep drawing by press working